• Olivia McCormack

Ruby- as Fiery as a July Baby

The ruby is as bright and brilliant as a July babe. This fiery gemstone has represented love

Ruby ring
Stunning Venvs Ruby Ring

and passion for centuries and still makes a beautiful statement today. In honor of the scorching month of July, we want a dive a little deeper into the gem that lights up a room.

Learn about this gem’s history, believed powers, qualities, and most importantly how to obtain a beautiful ruby of your own.

Ruby Characteristics

The ruby is incredibly hard and durable. This blood colored-beauty registers a 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It’s just slightly softer than diamond, which boasts a 10 on the same scale. The durability of this gemstone is why it’s an excellent choice for unique engagement rings.

A corundum mineral, the ruby is closely related to the sapphire in both durability and beauty. Corundum minerals that are reddish or pink in tone are rubies, those in other colors are often characterized as sapphires.

The gorgeous ruby is given its luscious red coloring by the presence of chromium minerals. The amount of chromium determines the hue of the stone, making each gem unique and stunning.

History of the Ruby

Ruby in the dark
Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash

The ruby is biblical, literally. The stone is mentioned multiple times in the Bible in association with riches and fierce kings. Indians once believed that one in possession of a ruby would be able to make peace with their enemies.

Ruby mining has been occurring for over 2500 years, and these beautiful stones have withstood the test of time.

Unseen Properties of the Elusive Ruby

Faith in the restorative and healing properties of the ruby has been held by people for hundreds of years. Though there are many different benefits that people believe a Ruby can give its owner.