• Olivia McCormack

The Only Mother's Day Shopping Guide You'll Need Courtesy of Venvs Jewelry

Updated: Apr 24

You should appreciate, and call, the mother figures in your life often. But you don’t need to buy them gorgeous jewelry to show that appreciation daily. Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to give a physical reminder of the joy that moms bring into your life. Whether it’s by blood or by love, the mothers in our lives deserve their day. Here are some gift ideas, because you can only make macaroni necklaces work for so long.

For the sophisticated minimalist: The Jenna Necklace $379.99

The Jenna Necklace is a gorgeous 14k gold chain spotted with 10 round .25 carat diamonds. The dainty appearance of the necklace is paired with the strength and power of its diamonds. It can be layered with another simple piece or can be left to stand alone and wow as a subtle centerpiece. If your mom is a sharp-toed heel wearer and soft pastel lover this necklace will fit perfectly in their collection.

For that one-of-a-kind person: The Grace Earrings $399

You know your mom better than anyone. You know what she likes in her coffee, what her favorite late-night show is, and what her style is. The Grace Earrings allow you to pick the carat size, to ensure these are the perfect earrings for your mom. Choose between .25 carat, .50 carat, or .75 carat depending on your mom’s tastes. No matter what you choose, I’m sure they’ll love it.

For the subtle bling lover: The Morgan Necklace $599.99

Available in three jaw-dropping colors; rose gold, yellow gold, and silver. The Morgan Necklace is a perfect VENVS pick for the mom who is the hottest person in the produce section of Trader Joe’s. The subtle elegance of the Morgan Necklace is sure to compliment your mother figure’s natural shine.

For the Princess Diana twin: The Diana Bangle $2,099