the brand

The brand

Designed for you, with love

Each and every piece from VENVS is meant to be worn by anyone, no matter your race, gender, sexuality, sexual orientation, or ability. Historically the diamond industry has always catered to one very specific demographic, so we decided it was time to shake things up a bit. 

As a plus-size woman & a member of the LGBTQiA+ community, I felt a huge lack of representation for myself, my friends, and the amazing people I am surrounded by every single day. I made it my goal to create a space where we could ALL see ourselves, and enjoy the natural beauty of diamond jewelry. 


 You are welcome here,


Word of Mouth

“The VENVS jewelry is so beautiful! I love the diversity, it really helps when you can see yourself in the brand

- SETH B. - 

“The jewelry that VENVS has is beyond stunning. I love supporting a brand that is breaking the mold and making steps towards a more inclusive world."

“The pieces at VENVS are so dainty and easy to wear! I love being able to wear my Jenna necklace everyday!”

- JENNA W. - 


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